BCBG proudly presents a new way of how pastry makers could in fact improve their deliveries.Ranging from pastry dough, base,chou up to Entremet. Where 100% of our raw materials usage are originally from Europe and recipes design by finest french pastry chefs.  BCBG believes that dedication and premium raw materials is the real recipe for success.


Company overview:

BCBG Company Limited represents the most prestigious European companies in food and beverage business across Asia Pacific. Ranging from pastries,with over than 1,500 products to the most exceptional natural beverages. Founded in 2014, BCBG has regroup the most experience teams in Food service in order to facilitate servings and reduce wastes through out the process of making as well as enhancing professionals with creativities and responsiveness toward the market demand.


Our Commitments:

Acting as business partner by providing not only good and sustainable products but also reducing unneccessary processes, preparation time and eliminate preliminary stocks. BCBG is here to support professionals with sustainable products quality,taste and innovation.